The Con Ed Con

New Yorkers pay the second highest energy rates in the country, and what do we get in return?

We get service that is unreliable, unsafe, and accelerating the climate crisis. And yet, Con Ed is still trying to raise our rates by an average of $22 per month.

  • Despite making over 1 Billion in profits every year, Con Ed routinely underinvests in systemwide maintenance. Consequently, many of the blackouts and shutoffs New Yorkers have experienced over the years we entirely preventable. Learn more here.

  • Con Ed wants our money to build new fracked gas infrastructure. This will not allow us to meet our state climate goals, and is another way that Con Ed can maximize their short term profits while passing the costs onto the public.

Our Deteriorating Energy Infrastructure

There is a well documented history of Con Ed’s philosophy of ‘run it until it fails.’ Hurricane Sandy, and the havoc it caused, is only the most commonly known failure. Here are many (though not all) of the ways that Con Ed’s cost-saving shortcuts have led to blackouts, shutoffs, and other negative consequences to New Yorkers.

So What DOES Con Ed Do With Our Money?

With 1 Billion in yearly profits, Con Ed could keep things running smoothly. So what do they do with all the money we pay? Learn more here. (Spoiler alert: you’re not going to like the answers)